Borgward Hymer Caravano camper

German camper manufacturer Hymer started their business with a very good choice (although the timing wasn’t ideal), choosing the Borgward B611 as the basis for the first production range of converted van’s offered as campers.

Given the timing of this launch (the early 60’s), it remains a guess as to how successful the relationship might have been. Perhaps if launched even a year earlier this versitile camper may have helped Borgward avoid it’s fate. Who knows, the Hymer link may have added to the Borgward marque’s appeal – much like Westfalia had successfully done with VW’s.

hymer_borgward_conversion (640x334)

You can read a couple of good articles with brief mention of Borgward’s link to this successful company here:

DW article on Hymer

Hire a Hymer (UK based rentals) has a good history on the company as well, with reference to the Borgward ties.

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