Borgward is back and buzzing

As anyone close to Borgward will know, the Borgward marque is one not known to many car enthusiasts. Even at major car events if you mention you own a Borgward people often take a minute and either vaguely recall seeing one once or simply draw a blank. Well, awareness of Borgward took a bit of a jump last week with the announcement of a new car to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week.

Google Trends highlights Borgward appearing in over 200 news articles over the last weekend – a big jump from the usual 10 or so recorded in a similar weekend.  Still not huge numbers, but enough to have many commenting on their experience of Borgward (as well as question a bit more about the marque).

There are reports that Chinese backers are funding the revival – which has been in the pipes since 2008. It’s great to see Christian Borgward, grandson of the company’s founder, Carl F.W. Borgward, having the vision, focus and support to spear head the revival.

In fact, even my local, the NZ Herald carried a story – truly global coverage!

Check out the official announcement here

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