1960 Borgward Isabella paint combo

One long term goal is to give my Isabella a new paint job. Unfortunately there are the odd spots that need attention – including some form of paint issue specific to the bonnet that necessitates a respray at some stage.

I plan to search the net to find photo’s of the complete set of colour options (if possible) – starting with the Borgward Isabella TS (my model). Depending how progress goes I may complete the year (and perhaps others as well) so others researching paint options have a chance to see the combinations live in 2D!

A bit of research has highlighted the following colour combinations for 1960:

Single colour: Domino black, Graphite grey, Silver grey metalic, Ivory, Cliff grey, Jade green, Aero blue, Shannon green, Iceland blue, Flamingo red (my car’s original colour), Coral red, Derby maroon.

Dual tone:

Std, TS, combi, deluxe: 

Silvergrey roof with; Graphite grey, Domino black

Ivory roof with: Domino black, graphite grey, Aero blue, Jade green, Coral red, Iceland blue, Flamingo red

Coupe colours to follow in a later post.

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