To be auctioned by Bonhams in France, for around $500,000 NZD, pretty impressive .

You can see the details here while available pre-auction.

The description of the vehicle at the auction site is as follows:

1958 Borgward 1500 Rennsport
Chassis no. 60015
Engine no. 30 005

“Borgward’s gallant venture into motor racing began as a private initiative by former racing driver August Momberger and his business partner Martin Fleischer, whose Hansa-based aluminium-bodied sports-racer took 12 international records at Montlhéry in August 1950. Encouraged by this success, the factory’s experimental department came up with a new cylinder head for the four-cylinder Hansa 1500 engine, designed by Karl-Ludwig Brandt, which increased power from the stock 52bhp to 90 horsepower. Although adequately powerful, the Borgward was handicapped by its heavy chassis, particularly when pitted against the lighter and more nimble Porsches. Nevertheless, the 1500 Rennsport managed a win in its 1952 debut season, at the Grenzlandring in August with Hans-Hugo Hartmann driving.

A lighter chassis was introduced for 1953, by which time the engine was producing 110bhp. Hans Klenk won at Avus in July, and the following year Karl-Günther Bechem triumphed at the Nürburgring in May. By this time Brandt had developed a 16-valve, fuel injected engine, one of the first to incorporate this state-of-the-art technology, which was raced regularly from 1956. Despite now having 150bhp tap, the Rennsport remained handicap by its excess weight and the factory’s racing effort gradually petered out over the next few years. The 16-valve engine though, enjoyed a new lease of life in Formula 2, most notably in the Rob Walker-entered Cooper-Borgward of Stirling Moss, which took four international wins in 1959.

We are advised that this Borgward 1500 Rennsport was constructed from parts formerly belonging to the factory’s racing department following its acquisition for his famous Rosso Bianco Collection by Peter Kaus. It was built in 2009 by Marcus Burke of Neuss, Germany, a specialist restorer of Porsche, Veritas, BMW and Borgward. Original parts used include the fuel-injected 16-valve engine and its accessories, gearbox, rear axle, differential, front axle, steering, wheels and brakes, while the body was constructed using factory pictures and drawings. It is not known to what extent the chassis is original or a modern fabrication. The car was finished in 2013 and was presented at the Paleis Het Loo Concours d’Élégance by its current owner. Presented in generally excellent condition, this rare Borgward sports-racer is offered with copy German registration papers.”

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