Rear interior panel removal

Here’s a tip if you are removing the rear interior panels on a Borgward Isabella TS (and I assume most other similar makes) for the first time.

After some challenge I removed the door panels a couple of months ago, I was cleaning them up today and took this photo to help anyone else removing these for the first time. The panels have ‘hooks’ on them which slide down over a supporting frame inside the car body.


This means when removing them, ensure you have removed the various screws first and them from the bottom of the panel push upwards. I ended up using a rubber mallet to assist me as I went as both door panels were pretty difficult to budge. The main thing here is to push upwards, don’t pull towards you as you won’t shift the panel and may damage it instead.

Also, not the fabric covering the screw heads for the arm rest – I think this may be an original fabric interior option (I have seem some similar patterns).



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