Lloyd Alexander for sale in New Zealand

Trade me currently has a Lloyd Alexander for sale, looks to be in good condition for it’s age, see more here

The car is described as follows:

Good motor and gearbox. 
Runs well. 
Spare motor goes with it. 
Has manuals and parts books. 
The rego is in the system, last rego in March 1992. Will need to be re-complied.

Asking NZD $3,500


2 thoughts on “Lloyd Alexander for sale in New Zealand

  1. Hi, myself and step son have just purcahesd this vehicle with a view to restoring whilst he goes through the process of obtaining his license.
    I can see some heart ache ahead ;-).
    Is there anyone out there that can help with original indicators and body moulds, also any history as to where these cars registered in New Zealand were built/imported from etc would be greatly appreciated,
    Thank you

    • Hi Quentin, I know one of the previous owners (and a very knowledgeable chap on all things Borgward) who should be able to assist with a couple of questions. If you contact Chris at the Borgward Owners Club he should be able to send you in the right direction http://groupspaces.com/BorgwardNZ.

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