The case of the whistling carb

Well, I’m learning is all I can say.

I’ve been trying to fix an issue with my engine, a random whistle. The first pass was replacing the fan belt (it seemed a bit cracked on inspection). No dice, the noise remained.

Then I noticed when pressing the fuel intake between the fuel pump and the air intake it lessened, so I took this hose off an inspected…then replaced…no change! I then checked the air intake – and found that the rubber seal between the air intake and the carb was caught, twisted with a tear in it. Issue resolved (or so I thought) I waited for my new part from my trusted local German supplier (yes Germany is not very close to New Zealand…).

I installed it tonight and – wait for it – still not fixed. Then I realized the car itself simply needed tightening where it connects to the engine…problem solved, a two minute job!

On the positive side, while getting the seal for the air intake I grabbed another missing seal – and the fan belt and fuel hose also needed replacing – so net result is an engine that hasn’t sounded better since I’ve had it, awesome stuff!

And – it’s all about learning and I’m enjoying the problem solving.

PS, Image courtesy of the excellent AutoDus website, where you can buy the reconditioned carb shown.

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