Borgworld #15 Thailand take 2

I’ve come across a more modern example of Borgward in Thailand, a  1953 Hansa 1800 for sale in Bangkok

Described as follows:

1953 Borgward Hansa 1800 Saloon

Original 4-cylinder engine with 1,758 cm³ and 60 hp. Manual transmission.

Green colour and beige leather interior.

The Borgward Hansa was a very modern car when it debuted at Geneva Motor Show in 1949. At a time when competitors like Mercedes-Benz still had their prewar designs, the new Borgward already featured a revolutionary ponton-style body that became the blueprint for a whole generation of cars. In 1952 Borgward increased the engine size from 1.5-litre/48hp to 1.8-litre/60hp. Production lasted until 1954 when the Hansa was replaced by Borgward’s new Isabella.

This Borgward Hansa is one of just a few survivors worldwide and the only one that is for sale here in Thailand. It is in good original condition including the beautiful original steering wheel (similar to the ones in an early Porsche 356). It still has its original engine and gearbox, ready and fit to drive. Complete registration documents.

Chassis number # 185449. Engine number # 285809

The sales price is 1,200,000 baht.

Check out the details here

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