Borgwards in New Zealand

I’ve been in contact with the nice people at the NZTA (New Zealand Transport Agency) and they have provided me with some stats on the number of registered Borgward makes and models in New Zealand as at 2014.

They provided me with two registration types, active registrations (which may or may not be on the road) and inactive registrations – that is cars still on their books but not currently registered (I’m not sure if this includes those with rego’s on hold…)

According to their records the headline numbers are:

Borgwards: 30 registered and  21 inactive, a total of 51

Goliath: 7 registered and 2 inactive, a total of 9

Lloyd: 8 registered

So, a total of 45 registered and 23 inactive vehicles. I’ve taken out a couple that look like errors, and Hansa’s are included under Borgward.

I’ll follow up another day with the model breakdown.

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