Five for sale in Portugal

A few of note:

A 1959 Coupe asking 10,500 euro, looks to be in good condition.

A 1958 Hansa asking 1,000 euro (although open to offers)

A 1959 Isabella sedan asking 6,000 euro (looks to be a daily driver)

A 1960 Isabella Combi, asking 8,000 euro (to me it doesn’t look like a 1960, probably earlier as it has a bench seat and earlier rear fin styling – but please let me know if you think differently).

A 1955 sedan, asking 6,900 pounds, described as follows (see it here):

1955 BORGWARD ISABELLA TS LHD in a beautiful overall condition.This very nice example has been fully restored and mechanically rebuild last year.Body-wise very clean,straight and honest, nice body-work and perfect at the underside, mechanically completely done,so in a great working/driving condition

2 thoughts on “Five for sale in Portugal

  1. I am interested in the 1955 TS saloon to be shipped to Malta. Will you be able to organise shippment and advice me on the total cost? Thanks .

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