Legacy: Suzuki


Suzuki’s first car was based on the Lloyd LP400 and borrowed much from this car, both in engineering and design. Considering the success of the Suzuki Swift (and earlier Suzuki’s as well) you can see the continued legacy of Borgward design to this day.

Images courtesy of Wikipedia, as are the facts,some key highlights being:

The Suzuki…closely based on the Lloyd LP400, chosen after Suzuki also having considered the Citroën 2CV and Renault 4CV. The Suzulight SF shared the Lloyd’s transversely mounted, front-wheel drive layout and the two-cylinder, two-stroke engine was a narrow-bored copy of the Lloyd’s, using the same 66.0 mm (2.60 in) stroke…. Just like the Lloyd which inspired it, the Suzulight featured a chassis consisting of a central tube with the suspension attached to each end of the tube.

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