Borgward for sale, sold! #5

Thought I should add my own car into the mix. I purchased it in 2014 and I also have the description for the time it sold in 2010 (isn’t the internet great!), listed as follows at that time:

This car is rare, but it’s robust! It is a daily driver and performs very nicely as such. It has excellent restoration/care documentation and has had extensive mechanical and structural attention to the tune of about $17,000 (not counting normal maintenance). It comes with a spare engine, spare clutch, generator, bulbs, bumpers, vintage era roof rack, tie rod, and boxes of other things. Tyres are nearly new and have excellent tread. This Isabella has been on the road and made substantial road trips in the last year. It inspires smiles and conversations every where it roams. These cars were well designed, practically indestructible! They are simple to work on and shocks, oil filters, bosch electrical are readily available in NZ. Car comes with NZ Borgward owners contacts list for parts and fellowship, as well as international contact sheet….don’t miss the chance to buy this pearl of a car.

All in all a very good description, all of the above (minus the roof racks) was available when I picked her up 4 years later!

A 1960 NZ new Borgward Isabella TS, with standard engine (replaced during the extensive restoration in 1991 – 1996).

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