Borgward Cars – 1950s Silver Arrows racing cars at Bremen Show

Reposted from Old Classic Car (follow link for full article). Borgward racing cars at the Bremen Classic Motorshow.  Special show: Silver Arrows from Bremen in 2006

“Borgward built racing cars?” young people will ask in amazement time and again when they see one of these very rare sports vehicles in a museum. “The well-known Bremen car works ‘Borgward’ was successful in international racing sport with 1.5 litre cars during the 1950s”, reports Heinrich Völker who at that time worked as an engineer in the experimental department of the factory and went on to write a book about these “silver arrows” from Bremen.

Altogether, probably only twelve of these vehicles were constructed and, of these, only three cars from different years survived the confusion of the times. The Bremen Classic Motorshow has succeeded in getting these racing cars plus not only a Borgward Le Mans coupé but also the most feared competitor, the “Porsche 550 Spyder” to come to Bremen in 2006. It will be a ‘first time ever’ meeting, particularly since prominent racing drivers from that period, such as Hans Herrmann, will also be there to answer questions from the public. It’s going to be a very special treat for all classic and racing car enthusiasts.

In 1949 the former Auto Union grand prix driver August Momberger approached the most prominent figure in the Bremen car industry, Carl V.W. Borgward, with the idea of building a sports car on the basis of the Hansa 1500 saloon car that would break international records. Borgward agreed to build a chassis and a 66 PS sports engine and to offer financial support, the latter however only in the actual event of record-breaking success. One year later, in August 1950, Momberger drives the new racing car (maximum speed 185 km(h) on the Linas-Montlhéry circuit near Paris and breaks 12 international speed records. The Borgward advertising department exploits this success to the full, thereby strongly impacting the image of the car factory.

via Borgward Cars – 1950s Silver Arrows racing cars at Bremen Show.

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