Le Mans Rarity

An article from the 4 small wheels model site expanding on the Hansa 1500 and Borgward racing history 

Happily for motor sport lovers, Carl Borgward believed in the positive advantages of throwing his cars into competition and to this end the company developed a very streamlined 1500c.c. sports-racer for the 1952 season. It was based on a lightweight twin-tubed chassis which was drilled with, it is said, no fewer that two thousand holes to achieve lightness. Coil spring independent suspension was fitted all round. This car was designed by Karl Brandt and the engine was a development of that of the Hansa 1500 saloon.

Competition in the smaller sports car classes was already fierce in Germany by the early fifties, the BMW-engined Veritas and increasingly competitive Porsches offering strong rivalry to newcomers such as the Borgward. The Bremen car first appeared at the Eifelrennen in May 1952 but did not make its mark until the team returned to the Nurburgring to contest the 1500c.c. sports car race which accompanied the “Grosser Preis von Deutschland” in August. Here a promising second place was achieved by Hans Hugo Hartmann, a former Mercedes-Benz reserve Grand Prix driver who had steered one of the all-conquering Silver Arrows to an 8th place in the 1939 Eifelrennen and a final 7th in that year’s Swiss Grand Prix at Berne.

Later in August 1952 Hartmann gave Borgward its first win with the car at the Grenzlandring and backed this with a further victory at the daunting Avus track in September when his team-mate Adolf Brudes, a former motor-cyclist, backed him up with 3rd position.

read the full article here: Four Small Wheels 7/2003 – theme.

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