Kangaroo Point

Some great images of Australian car production, a joint venture between Borgward and Sir Laurence Harnett, the ‘father of the modern Holden’.

The Lloyd-Hartnett Alexander sedan was an Australian version of a German microcar, the Lloyd Alexander 600, a joint venture between Sir Laurence Hartnett and German car maker Carl Borgward. It was assembled at Kangaroo Point in Brisbane, Queensland from parts shipped from the Lloyd Motoren Werke in Bremen, part of the Borgward group of companies.

The little Alexander featured four wheel independent suspension by leaf springs, rack and pinion steering, four speed synchromesh gearbox and ‘aircraft adjustable seats’ that folded down to form a bed. It had a top speed of 63 mph, cost 798 pounds and claimed first and second place in the 1958 Ampol Trial. A Lloyd-Hartnett Alexander can be seen at the Queensland Museum as part of its display of Queensland vehicles.

LloydHartnett Alexander 600 Brisbane 1958 LloydHartnett assembly line Kangaroo Point Brisbane 1957 Production of the 1958 LloydHartnett car Kangaroo Point

Text and images from the State Library of Queensland, link to item here:


5 thoughts on “Kangaroo Point

  1. Great pics !

    For some other pictures from Australia have a look to the reedition of Wolfram Blocks famous “Weltreise mit 19 PS – Im Lloyd 600 um die ganze Welt”.

  2. Have you any information as to precisely where in Kangaroo Point the assembly “plant” was?
    Also, I’ve heard that somewhere in KP there was a building with a model or some other depiction of the front of one of these vehicles built into the facade. Any ideas on that?

    • Hi, great to hear from you, unfortunately I don’t have any additional information to hand – although the Borgward Owners Club in Australia probably do as they are quite active and one of their members wrote a book covering the Borgward history (with a focus on Australian activities). You can reach them at Borgwardisabella.com Cheers

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