Danger Man

From 1960 comes an episode of the short lived Danger Man, featuring our hero, John Drake (Patrick McGoohan) in a Borgward Isabella. Enjoy! Oh, and skip to about the 7min mark if you just want the Isabella. Thanks to the IMCDB for the inspiration.

Borgward Pick Up

What I assume (please correct me!) is an after market act of creativity, a Borgward Isabella pick up (or ute as we cal them in New Zealand).


It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you can’t fault the attention to detail – looking under the car it’s clear a lot of work has gone into this restoration.

Borgward is back and buzzing

As anyone close to Borgward will know, the Borgward marque is one not known to many car enthusiasts. Even at major car events if you mention you own a Borgward people often take a minute and either vaguely recall seeing one once or simply draw a blank. Well, awareness of Borgward took a bit of a jump last week with the announcement of a new car to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show next week. Continue reading

The beautiful Goliath GP700

One of the best looking Borgward cars, the GP700 is a rare car indeed. A recent restoration (to a brilliant standard) is another reminder of how advanced and well formed the Borgward Marques were – a shame there aren’t more of these I’d love one myself!


You can read the article here

Mystery Borgward for sale (sold)

A great restoration with a twist, I haven’t seen this kind of air intake before – any thoughts on this please let me know via email or comments.

Please link through to the original details here to find out more. I think the car has now been sold (it shows up in the sold inventory section of the site). Thanks to Classic Cars UK for the initial find: http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/car-advert/borgward/isabella/1960/272151/

Borgworld #22 Finland

A 1960 Isabella TS is for sale in Lahti, Finland, I wasn’t able to save any images of the site but you can access the details here while it’s still for sale. I also found this small interest article on a Borgward owner in Finland (readable using Google translation), you can see it here

For sale in Argentina – 1961 Isabella (or perhaps a 62 Isabella)

Left hand drive, looks to be in OK condition, but in need of some work. Interesting interior – I’ve had feedback that the dark dashboard indicates that this is a ’62 Borgward where they used parts from the P100 and went with a black interior – very rare version of the Isabella! These cars also had raised seats as standard (to overcome some of the design challenge with seat height in earlier versions).

$_100 (1)


Details (while it’s for sale) are here


Read contemporary and current reviews of Borgward, Lloyds, Hansa and Goliath vehicles, also check out the various places in pop culture Borgwards are turning up

Borgward basics – rear diff oil check and change

I recently checked the rear diff oil on my Borgward because it was leaking, and it looks like it was overfilled when the oil was last changed. This prompted me to check with our local expert who confirmed the right approach.

For anyone else new to Borgwards, in the attached photo, point A is the place to fill with oil and point B is the drain plug (I had oil coming out point A indicating an over fill).  Basic stuff but for newbies like me it helps to check!